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I noticed that in the /kilton menu you can buy the "slayer" title for 8k souls, and there is also the ability to earn the title with the Athena's rebirth, the only difference being one is in &4 and the other is in &c.

I think one of the titles should be changed to something different, possibly the one you're able to purchase in kilton. It was mentioned a while ago by Jungkie (Jungsook/paehper) to add a "Zeus" title to the store, but personally I think instead of putting it on the ManaCube store, it could be purchasable from the /kilton menu for 10,000 souls, as apposed to the current 8k.

I’ve attached a screenshot of just my personal idea of what the title could look like, along with some proposed requirements I feel would make this addition fair.

Suggested by: Hallowqueen (Moderator) Upvoted: 20 Jun, '20 Comments: 2

Under consideration Olympus

Comments: 2

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