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Right now the perk chest only has 5 possible rewards, and mostly they're good but a couple i would like to see are:
-An olympian armor set (separate from the tools kit on it)
-Since its more of a perk than a legendary item per se it would be cool to see the Bold/italics nickname perk removed from the legendary chest and added to the per chest instead
-some very basic /worldedit perks and make it limited somehow like 100 commands in a day or something (possible?)
-Access to more pv's (like in the holiday chests just instead of getting like 6 out of one you would get like 1 or 2)
-The ability to re-color the colors of the brackets in your rebirth counter/rank like instead of slave being just [Slave] it could be green [ and ] or like the /glow list and then colors but for the brackets
-A &3 /color perk that gives you a special colored chat in aqua
-Access to claiming 1 more plot (very last moment as i can't think of any more)

Thank you for coming to my Tedtalk

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Under consideration Olympus

Comments: 1

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