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Due to the similar nature of skyblock and islands and the lacking playerbase in islands, a merge of both servers should be considered to raise the playerbase to one mega merged server to skyblock, and also peak peoples interests in islands as it is joined to a more popular server.

the option to start off in this "skylands" should include both the islands categories and skyblock starter category, with a leaderboard for both


Q. why not simply revamp both servers, to keep server identity?

A. since islands has a very low playerbase, merging it with a larger playerbase can help its growth, and also allow current skyblock players who want a reset to remain interested by playing islands, and exploring that similar but also unique playstyle

Q. what will this achieve?

A. a growing community between islands players and skyblock players, as many players already play on both servers, playing on one central megaserver will not only raise the playerbase, but grow islands as a viable subs

Suggested by: Hyakus Upvoted: 28 May Comments: 0

Under consideration Islands Skyblock

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