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All of the gamemodes should be combined into one big world seperated by fences.

As you can see by the visual I have provided there would be gates between each of the sectors and with this idea there would even be space for new games (I could have fitted more of I drew it a bit smaller)

This idea would be fantastic because dacon could dedicate all of the ram the server has to this one new server, I call it MANACUBE 2.0 (I didn't copyright it so you can use it).

I made the sector for kitpvp a bit smaller than the others as hardly anyone plays it.

I also had another idea you could arrange the sectors into patterns and have a central welcoming area.

Thank you for reading my suggestion, I think it will help to reduce lag, add to staff presence, make the server more sociable and just be better in every single way.

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Not planned

Comments: 16

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