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I've noticed that there are [YouTuber] ranks, but no [Twitch] or [Media] ranks. Although it's just a title, it's just as cool as YouTuber ranks and implementing ranks such as those could allow for more representation/active users that could turn into possible customers/donators for the server. These ranks allow for more Social Media Influencers to spread word of the server and use their platform in order to engage in/allow for an influx of more suggestions for community activities, events, etc. Allowing for Twitter, Instagram, and so on Social Media Influencers to have a simple [Media] title is not only enticing to the influencer but to the audience. Allowing for Twitch streamers to have a [Twitch] title runs hand in hand with the [YouTube] rank and both stream alike.

Suggested by: Emmy (_Em_) Upvoted: 28 Dec, '20 Comments: 4

Done Global

Comments: 4

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