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Currently, all donations go directly towards the server to keep it up and running.
Additionally, it'd be nice if we also had the option to donate to individual staff members. This, perhaps, may include both paid and unpaid staff members.

I know we could just let them know how grateful we are by messaging them or posting about them on the forums. However, I'd be nice if we could convey our gratitude in a way that is more profound and meaningful.

For example, we could add packages like:
"Buy LilKayla a Cookie!"
"Buy ChocBar a Chocolate Bar!"
"Buy xDacon a Coffee!"

It would indirectly help the server by making staff members feel more appreciated for their hard work and dedication. Additionally, it would reward the staff members who already work incredibly hard to maintain the server, while at the same time, it would provide a greater incentive for those who, for lack of a better term, tend to slack off from time to time.

As always, feel free to leave your thoughts below.

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Comments: 3

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