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Please for the love of god release a forum post detailing every single rule for every gamemode. In olympus, idk about any other server, there are a lot of times where mods have differing views on what is allowed and what isnt. Like whether or not you are allowed to use the grappling hook in pvp, or if you are allowed to vote on alts. Also things i heard a long time ago, like making a 1 character nickname. There should be an official forum post detailing every single rule for every single server, and overal global rules. Yes i know there is currently one, but it is horribly outdated and several things are just not listed on there. One thing being nowhere on there does it say that you can't teleport out of the volcano, or use disguises in the volcano, that needs to be updated. You can't expect us to follow the rules if the only way we can know all the rules is from the different viewpoints of different staff members.

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Comments: 6

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