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As the word is negative, or carries negative connotations then having it permitted in any way, shape, or spelling allowed then some people could be offended? I don't mean to overstep my boundaries here, but having words like that permitted allows people (younger audiences normally) to start picking up vocabulary like that, and applying it in life settings which could be used to disrespect one another. Personally I would think adding words like or similar to it should be removed, as it is similar to when people discuss the Nazi party over chat, as (the N word) is a word or slang which can be used as offensive. The difference between those two are not so different as one must consider the oppression and disrespect that occurred to that group of people, and the connotations that follow, so accepting that slang may be understood as negative, whereas if it were to be abolished then there would be no risk of offending someone. All I mean it that it shouldn't matter how it is spelled.

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Comments: 1

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