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Season 9 was released in 2017, here we are almost 2 years later without anything changing besides plugins breaking. Yet others servers get updated yearly or bi-yearly.


You get regeneration 1/10 times when you get a kill where you should be getting it after each kill.
Duels are advertised in spawn and it gets asked about constantly, but the plugin doesn't work.

The anti-cheat isn't good, there's no way a player should be able to fly around you at the speed of light or 10 block reach you without getting kicked.

The shop prices seem like they were made for a server with a better economy system. You spend $40 on 2 potions which requires 8 kills to achieve, those potions go away really fast with the fact regeneration after kills never works.

Believe it or not you guys still have an active player base that care about KitPvP yet it never gets any attention. There's never any new updates, we don't get special crates and there's never any bugs getting fixed. What a shame :/

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Under consideration KitPvP

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