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Here's a bunch of ideas to add to or change in Islands. In the comments, reply the number(s) you agree with. Be sure to upvote!

1. Next reset, let's make it so that we can see our past islands. Of course, the spawners will not work and nothing can be destroyed, but you can fly around similar to creative and view all the hard work others have accomplished. This can also be good in seeing how to create certain builds.

2. Add the /marry option! Islands has been quiet for as long as I can remember (few exceptions) and this can add some spice!

3. Loot change regarding boss egg and vote chests. Make the loot better and raise the price, or lower the possibilities (boss egg). Make more interesting things in the vote chest!

4. Make snowman/snow golem spawners purchasable in the shop! Wonderful for Winter Wonderland themed islands like my own!

5. Make a book for newbies regarding how to make money and avoiding water. I say this because of the newbs going "WHY DOES RAIN HURT??"

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Comments: 2

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