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Its not fair to players without a rank to be put aside so that ranked players can bypass the player limit. It should be raised because most players play on Aztec instead of Oasis. Skyblock Aztec is keeping unranked players from joining and making them lose interest in the server because a player does not want to wait a long time to join a server. Another reason it should be raised is not only that it is keeping unranked players from joining but some players are alts, players would be losing money because there alt does not have a rank and I find it pretty dumb that your alt needs a rank to afk full time without having to wait over ten minutes to afk than getting kicked by afk timer and than having to go through the same processes over and over while your away or asleep.

Suggested by: Pipicz06 (sinner) Upvoted: 03 Aug, '19 Comments: 2

Under consideration Skyblock

Comments: 2

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