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Plot building and decorating are both important aspects of Olympus. I think /shop could use more blocks to allow for more creative building! Some of these blocks are already obtainable on the server (but inconveniently not in /shop) and some are not obtainable at all.

-Dark oak and acacia logs
-All variants of leaves
-All types of flowers
-Lily pads and vines
-Flower pots and cobwebs
-Andesite, diorite, and granite (polished and normal versions)
-All ore blocks (including lapis/redstone)

I would love to see all these blocks added to shop, perhaps with some under a new "decoration" tab for better organization. A lot of these blocks are already available on the server one way or another so I don't see any harm in adding them to shop for players' convenience. Thanks for reading! :)

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