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On aztec currently items have insane stacking range and stack infinite, and it is basically IMPOSSIBLE, me and a few other top tier players have done extensive tests to see if we can make farms to be able to handle large amount of items but its legit impossible, Right now if you kill lets say 1k igs, you get like 5k iron, it decreases to around 2k then more igs die and it goes back up to 5k but it still has the despawn timer of the original stack making it near impossible to make any optimal farms unless you make the items go 100 blocks in the other direction so it doesn't stack, I would love to see despawn timer increased, or despawner timer resets after it gets a new item in the stack :)

Suggested by: Aeroo__ Upvoted: 11 Sep, '19 Comments: 0

Under consideration Skyblock

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