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Hi everyone this comes as a suggestion for Olympus
The idea is to add seperate mines for messy miners and clean miners as people complain whenever someone mines any block they can get instead of doing it so everyone has a fair amount The way these miners will be seperated is by Olympus Staff and possibly Selected players by staff members which can possibly Mod+ and above can assign they could be with or without tag but this isnt about tags it will work in a way that messy and clean miners will have their own identical mines one which only one can access either messy or clean miners players will be immune to this until XI (11-Warrior) at which point they can be tagged they will stay in the messy mine for about 5-7 days or shorter before they are returned to the old mines to be given another chance they will be tagged 3-5 times before they are teleported
I posted my suggestion on forum which WingsOfFire17 suggested here https://manacube.com/threads/seperate-mines.47169/#post-144767

Suggested by: Kitty056 Upvoted: 25 Sep, '19 Comments: 0

Under consideration Olympus

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