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Fix /p top
Fix /trials
/help is outdated [/pvp, /map, /showcase etc no long exist, ‘Map Info’ still says Season 3]
Need to implement the ‘Not available’ items to the /kilton shop
Being able to fly at /warp pvp and /warp zulrah [By falling into the void]
Bring back Zulrah and Herobrine
Fix /leaderboards
Fix/Remove vehicles [/tanks, /bikes , /submarines etc]
Fix/Remove /book
Add Polar Bear pet for MVP+
Fix /glow
Either add twerking on trees to insta grow them or remove the perk from store.manacube.com
Ranked are supposed to have perms for /d polar-bear
Either fix or remove /kingdom [Would be great if you fixed it though!]
Fix /p time
Fix /moneytags
Make /rtp and /wild open the same GUI as /wilderness
The Survival Staff Board at /spawn is outdated
Add /artmap perk to the Perk Crate
Remove the ‘Legacy Quests’ section in /quests
When you buy multiple Shulker boxes from /shop you only receive one
Some ‘Unlocked’ /pets don’t work

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Under consideration Survival

Comments: 1

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