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For the pets that do work the hat/ride option in their GUI doesn’t work
Spawner and Hopper mechanics
Wearing a full set of non-mystic armour sometimes gives the Mystic armour abilities
Minions are extremely unreliable, still need to add feeder minions.
The Wiki/Help option in /keystone doesn’t work
/jobs shop is broken
The votes and quests completed options in /stats are broken
You should be able to do /disguise to open the disguise GUI [ Right now you can only access it through /keystone]
The majority of the warps listed in the ‘Warps’ section of /keystone do not work
/warps should be listed by most popular first
/chatcolor and /color open two different GUI’s
The ‘No Lapis Perk’ in /quest shop doesn’t work
Need to add the ‘Treasure Chest’ option to /quest shop
Need to do something about the bots that spam links in chat
Survival info in hub server selector still has live map
The ‘Unlocked Titles’ option in /perks is broken
Fix &l perms when renaming items

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Under consideration Survival

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