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-/hdb perk in /kiltonshop [ 50k souls]
-Custom armor stands perk, /kiltonshop [50k souls]
-/kiltonshop needs a sellall button
-blackscroll in /kilonshop
-replace the slayer title in /kiltonshop [can already be won]
-Kingdom back
-p top like we had in season 2
-a better /baltop, rn it takes up to 5min to load in chat
-a working /lead GUI
-alot and better quests *so remove breeding, that doesnt work
-/bottleall that gives all ur exp into 1 custom bottle
-more /prefix colors
-buff /ah maxprice to 100mil
-Replace achievements on sidebar to jobs points
-/jobs shop
-make rewards for achievements
-add title for completing all achievements
-allow /ce's on 1.13 item
-vote crate revamp
-ancient crate buff
-more /ce's
-exp boosters for limited time [can be won in crates]
-perk in perkcrate: +2 /ah spots [stackable]
-some items cannot be won in votecrate, sort of scam
-enderchest levels like we had in season2
-villagers custom drop [gold ingot], so we can make more money on diff ways

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Under consideration Survival

Comments: 1

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