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Something that popped in my mind which might make a cool edition is to have an enchant on a bow which lets you use the shots to break blocks. Say you bring this bow to the Hades mine and you shoot an arrow at a magma block, the block breaks and you get the magma cream (and possibly a zulrah egg) in your inventory.
I imagine this enchant could be obtained through the Enchanter or perhaps a bow with block breaker enchant could be a (seasonal) crate reward.
The enchant would only work on blocks in mines which a player has access to. So say a non-donor rank would trick shot an arrow all the way into the VIP mine, the enchant wouldn't trigger.
I don't think this would be overpowered since you have to draw the bow, aim and shoot in order to mine one (1) block. I see it as a helpfull little tool for when you're mining in Hades and all there is left are the hard to reach blocks.

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Under consideration Olympus

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